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Donate your Change

What is Donate your Change? 

When a customer purchases any product from shopping corner then a fraction or change amount comes from that money. If you donate or give that amount to charity then it is called donating the change. 

For Example, your total bill is 2490 taka so your fraction amount will be 10 taka and if you donate this 10 taka to kandari for helping unprivileged children's education that is called “Donate the change” 

What is Kandari?

Kandari is a non-profitable organization that targeted population is underprivileged children from remote areas of Bangladesh who are deprived of all kinds of education facilities. The main purpose of this organization is to introduce them to education and make them self-reliant for their betterment.

How Shopping Corner will provide Donations to KANDARI? 

Shopping corner and kandari signed an MOU agreement. On this agreement, shopping corner has decided to give their 1% percent of the total sales as a donation to KANDARI organization for remote areas' children’s education every month so that children in marginal areas get access to better education. Also can arrange their own employment as well Also, customers can donate to the kandari at their convenience through the shopping corner.

How can customers donate through the shopping corner? 

Customers can make donations to the Kandari organization through the shopping corner. If the customers make any purchases from the shopping corner. 

Whatever the fraction or change amount comes from the money, Customers can donate that change through the shopping corner. The shopping corner will donate the money by processing through software and that money will directly add to Kandari's fund. Also customers can keep their identity secret or also give their identity depending on the customers. 

For example, If the product price is 199 taka. Customers can add 1 taka for donation like If they pay 200 taka in cash on delivery, this 1 taka will go directly to the kandari organization.  Or the product price is 2490 taka. Customers can pay 2500 taka. The 10-fraction amount is going to donate to the kandari organization. Not only 1 taka customer can donate any amount as per their convenience to the kandari organization for better education for the children of unprivileged areas. 

Donate to a noble cause and facilitate their better education!!!


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